April Activities

Important Milestones This month’s blog photo symbolizes important milestones for cohort students. High school seniors should be confirming that all of their financial aid documents have been received by their institutions, reviewing financial aid award letters, calculating final college costs, submitting enrollment fee waivers, and finalizing enrollment decisions by May 1. Students, in grades 9 – 11, who have successfully completed the assigned activities since January should be well prepared for Spring Break and college visits, as one

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March Activities

Pursuing Opportunities This month’s blog photo symbolizes the opportunities being experienced by high school seniors as the puzzle of their college and scholarship plans is pieced together. One of our cohort students recently attended the University of Maryland-Baltimore County Center for Women in Technology Selection Weekend. Two other cohort students have been invited to attend the University of Maryland-Baltimore County Meyerhoff Scholars’ Selection Weekend. Each of these programs provide $20,000 annual, and renewable, scholarships. 2015 Gates

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February Activities

Welcome to the new College Planning Cohort (TM) website Students portrayed in this month’s blog photo, are high school juniors and seniors who attend The Next Episode on the second Sunday of each month at the Turner Chapel AME Church where students engage in a Teen Bible Study and college planning discussion (i.e., a cohort). High school juniors who attended The Next Episode last year are now participating in the Turner Chapel AME Church High School Senior Cohort.

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January Activities

Welcome to the 2017 College Planning Cohort (TM)  We have many important changes to our College Planning Cohort (TM) Program for 2017. The program will now operate on a calendar year from January through December. All students who joined the cohort in 2016 will receive a complimentary one-year renewal. As outlined in our College Planning Cohort Blog Posting, high school counselors are often responsible for 200 – 500 students or more and in extreme situations may be

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